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The American Dream Experience® is a breakthrough financial training where you can discover:

How to leverage the fundamental principles of long-term wealth creation

The importance of purpose to your results in life

How to tell the difference between investment strategies based on Nobel Prize-winning investment research1, like Efficient Market Hypothesis, and potentially risky behaviors

The structures that can help you stay disciplined over a lifetime of ups and downs in the market

How to be a stand for the American Dream in your own life...and the lives of others

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Meet Mark Matson.

An American entrepreneur, author, and innovator in the fields of investing science and financial education. He is the creator of educational experiences, platforms, and tools that can make Nobel Prize-winning1 investing research accessible to investors and can transform their relationship to money. Most notably, he is the creator of The American Dream Experience and the Matson Method.

We Are Here to See You Live Your American Dream.

The Matson Method has been created based on more than 30 years of experience working with some of the world’s top experts in finance, economics, and human performance.

Matson Money Academic Advisory Board

Matson Money’s Academic Advisory Board is comprised of luminaries in their respective fields bringing expertise in the critical aspects of what it means to be an investor and how to leverage the power of free markets. Each member provides an invaluable contribution to the foundational principles of Matson Money, while also playing a key role helping to build our future as a premier investor training and development company.2

What’s more important than you and your family’s financial future?

If you could achieve a mindset of purposeclarity, and abundance around money and investing...

…and obtain investing strategies based on Nobel Prize-winning1 academic principles…

Would it be worth it?

About Matson Money

We’re a training and development company.

We provide breakthrough education, tools, and coaching that can help families transform their financial futures.


Facts & Figures as of June, 2024

$10.31 Billion

In Assets Under Management

Over 30,000 Investors

Representing all 50 US States, Puerto Rico and Canada

24,000+ Holdings

In 76 countries for true global diversification3

500+ Financial Advisors

From Alaska to Texas

What We Stand For.

Our Values


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We are our word.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity and service.

Education & Inquiry

The continuous pursuit of financial academic theory. Being the leader in the application of empirically tested Nobel Prize-winning investing principles.

Training & Development

Transforming investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout an entire lifetime.


We are a stand that a free market pricing system inspires competition, innovation and wealth creation.

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